About Tiara Intania Ltd

Tiara Intania Ltd First opened in Singapore in 1993 , and existence for approximately  20 years in 2013. For All these years, Tiara Intania Ltd have been providing sell on medical equipment such as : Lab Equipment,Surgical, Medical Specialties, Defibrillator , ultrasound Imaging, Endoscopy and dental

Tiara Intania Ltd is the best supplier medical products available . Tiara Intania Ltd was founded in February 1993 with a purpose of providing the consumer best quality medical supplies. Tiara Intania Ltd sell to a variety of customers including goverment facilities, hospitals, hospices, doctor's offices, and the general public. With over 5,000 and growing, our medical products range from raised dental to ultrasound machinesTiara Intania Ltd committed to helping customer find the best medical product for your needs. Besides our customer service support staff, Tiara Intania Ltd have a registered nurse available to answer difficult questions.

To this day, Tiara Intania Ltd carries on the tradition of provider-focussed service, which was initiated by our President over 20 years ago. Family-owned and operated, Tiara Intania Ltd continues to evolve in the rapidly changing health care market, by remaining steadfast in its commitment to the same values of our founder. Integrity, reliability and service excellence have become the very fabric of the Medical Supplies Company. These values are the building blocks for the customized services we offer to health care providers across the country and are practiced in every training session with our people and in every conversation with our customers.

Our professional, customer-focussed people deploy the latest technology and tools to foster business relationships that will stand the test of time. Today, we are widely recognized as an industry leader in health care. The success of our company can be highlighted by some key facts and figures:

  • A dedicated team of 280 people with an average tenure of over 15 years
  • Over 10,000 health care products available, from 4 ASIA's locations
  • Over 100,000 customer orders annually
  • $105 million in annual sales
  • Same day service – Next day delivery


“Much like our other medical supplies company distribution centres across the country, we’re dedicated to improving and expanding our business so that our customers in the health care industry are receiving the best solutions available,” says Craig Alabama, VP of Tiara Intania Ltd. “When we do our job well, so can health care providers. It allows them to focus on what matters: caring for their patients.”

Our goal is to provide a large selection of medical supplies company with the convenience of medical online shopping and customer service that’s second to none. Tiara Intania Ltd aim to help our customers find the information they need to make informed decisions, and medical products they need all in one place.